Make a Better Screen

Posted by AA Screen Printing Supplier (Share an article written by Mick Orr. Posted on Printwear Magazine) on 10/26/2016 to Industry News
Make a Better Screen
There are YouTube videos, user guides, and a lot of guesswork on how to make a screen. Some of the information out there is very informative, while others, not so much. When it comes down to it though, it’s not just about making a screen, but making a better screen, and possibly even a great screen.

To make a better screen, start with the photopositive. The higher quality the positive, the easier it is to reproduce it. The thing you must look at is the sharpness of the image. Is the black optically opaque, and is the clear area of the positive clear? Inkjet film is the most widely used material today. It isn’t as good as silver halide film or imagesetter films, but it is much better than vellum. If a high resolution is required, Read the whole article

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