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8' Oven Section
Part Number:WHMD860

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Please allow a 1-2 week lead time for this item to be manufactured.

Factory Installation: $2000

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Workhorse MD8 is a compact, powerful gas fired dryer designed to cure a wide variety of substrates.  The Workhorse MD8 has many of the features commonly found with a space savings footprint and competitive price.  This dryer is designed to cure all type of screen printed and other coated products.  The Workhorse MD8 offers a patented Air Deflector Recycling System that re-circulates heated air through the heat chamber providing some of the most efficient and balanced curing on the market.

The drying process uses high velocity air and balanced air flow at a process speed of 1ft./min up to 25 ft./min.  Specially formed jet nozzles in the dryer hood provide high velocity air and heat convection with a 7.5 HP blower generating balanced air flow.  This air nozzle heat distribution feature is typically found only on dryers that cost much more.  The blower has a re-circulating air capacity of 6,000CFM.  Cure temp range from 260 to 450F for efficient drying of the ink with temperature accuracy of +/- 2% of set temperature up to 450F.


  • 48" and 60"  belt widths.
  • Additional hot air and infeed/ exit conveyor attachments. 
  • Patented air deflector recycling system.
  • Powerful 250,000 BTU stainless steel burner.
  • Slide out easy-clean filter drawer.
  • Higher velocity jet nozzles for better air distribution.
  • Side access clean out door.
  • Enlarged heat plenum for maximum air velocity.
  • UL and CE approved components. 
Please note the listed price is not including installation and freight charge.  Please contact AA Customer Service for the accurate quote.  

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